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8 Best Laptops for Construction Management to Buy in 2021

A powerful computer is only capable of executing heavy graphics programs. Therefore, you need the best Laptop for construction management to do a heavy workload. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working as a project manager in a Construction Company or a student of the CM department; a solid performance computer is a must to have to work faster.

 But finding the best computer for the construction business involves different factors – not every PC has endurance features to get real-world performance. Desire laptops should be powerful enough to efficiently run construction management software such as PlanGrid, Procore, RedTeam, Fieldwire, Buildertrend smoothly. 

Laptop requirements for Construction Business

PC for construction work is not like you’re purchasing a laptop for students or perform some basic computing tasks where you don’t need any solid specifications. Here you need to look at Powerful Processor (Quad-core or multi-core), high RAM, fast internal secondary storage (SSD), dedicated graphics card, durability, a comfortable keyboard, sturdy design, and longer battery timing. These are vital requirements for drafting drawing projects better and fast without having any issue. Most importantly, a laptop for construction should be durable to work continuously in extreme conditions.

To save your energy and time, we have a list of the best laptops for construction management that are fully capable of heavy workloads. But if you still don’t find the desired Laptop from the article, I have included buying guide at the bottom to find the right computer for business, and you can buy your choice laptop according to our mentioned guidelines.

8 Best Laptops for Construction Management in 2021

1 Helios Predator 300 by Acer

  • Solid performance.
  • Great value
  • Latest generation processor.
  • Fifteen inches backlit display.
  • Latest Wi-Fi connection support.
  • Impressive GPU performance.
  • Trouble sound quality


Processor11th gen, Intel 8 Core i7
Storage512GB SSD
GPUGeForce RTX 3060 
Display15.6 inches
Battery Timing6 Hours

Acer Helios Predator 300 is a powerful laptop for construction management with many features at an affordable price. This machine is specially built for a high-end gaming experience but great too for a construction business. It equipped multiple real-world solid performance specifications that are fully capable of heavy workload.

 Acer Helios contained an 11th gen eight Core Intel i7 with 4.6 GHz speed and 16GB DDR4 RAM, ensuring multitasking more efficiently. Plus, Helios 300 comes with an NVIDIA-based RT 3060 graphics card. GeForce RT 3060 helps you to view management projects in crystal clear view. Additionally, 6GB dedicated RAM for GPU that will render graphical work much faster; you can get pictures and videos displayed up to 1080p. 

In other words, a 16 threads CPU and high-quality graphics card can run construction management software like eSUB, PlanGrid, Procore, RedTeam, Fieldwire, Buildertrend, and many others more efficiently and smoothly. The 15.6 inches wider screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio delivers an excellent visual experience, especially when it has an LED-backlit display that provides higher brightness than traditional LED.

Furthermore, Helios Predator has 512GB SSD storage and PCIe Gen 4 interface that helps faster and more reliable data processing. Along with another spec, you will also get excellent internet connectivity when communicating with other team members on a live video call. It has Wi-Fi 6 AX1650i the protocol that provides faster internet speed than 802.11ac

Also, it supports Alexa virtual assistant that helps you manage construction projects more easily, like checking your next meeting, creating projects do list, etc.  

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2 Pavilion 15 by HP

  • Solid hardware components
  • Slimmest and lightest desing
  • A high-Quality combination of video and audio
  • Outclass performance for construction management software
  • Gorgeous display screen
  • All essential ports
  • Noisy fan on a heavy workload
  • The annoying latter color combination on the keyboard


Processor 11th gen, Intel 4 Core i7
Storage512 GB SSD
GPUIntel Iris Xe Graphics
Display 15.6 inches
Battery Timing8 Hours

HP has produced many of the best laptops for all-around performance and HP Pavilion 15 is one of them. Pavilion 15 contains all hardware components that a construction manager requires in a computer to get outclass performance. You can run construction management software and enjoy gaming and entertainment stuff on this machine.

HP Pavilion 15 has the same spec as Acer Predator like storage, processor gen, Memory, and display. But, it is lighter than Predator 300 (only 3.89 pounds), plus the advantage of having the HP Pavilion. Its powerful hardware components make it the best laptop for construction management. Such as the i7 11th gen processor, RAM of 16GB, SSD storage gives a complete response while running multiple software simultaneously. It means another power machine in almost the same pricing range. 

Pavilion 15 cutting edge FHD gives a more crystal clear to view content in high brightness. Plus dual speakers — a great combination that gives you theater enjoyment. Battery timing is outclassing; you can do all project management stuff for more than 8hours continuously without charging the machine. Additionally, it has the fastest charging capability, like it can charge a full battery within 2hours.

Pavilion 15 contains all essential ports required for data transmissions like super speed USB type A, C, display port, card reader, HDMI 2.0, an AC port. Unlike Acer Predator, it contains an Intel Iris graphics card, but its performance is not what Navida gives like Geforce RTX 3060.

 However, it is still a better performer than a regular HD graphics card, even far ahead of the GeForce MX330. Furthermore, Intel iris XE can support up to 8k displays. The design of the Pavilion is stunning, slim, and slick; more importantly, lightweight to easily carry with you during working time.

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3 Legion 5 by Lenovo

  • Solid build design and quality
  • Great spec
  • Comfortable keywords
  • Outclass battery timing
  • Impressive processor performance
  • Bright screen
  • Poor quality fitted speakers


ProcessorRyzen 7 5800H Processor
Storage512GB NVMe SSD
GPUGeForce RTX 3050Ti
Display 15.6 inches
Battery Timing 6 Hours

If you need the best Laptop for construction management with solid specs, then Legion 5 is the perfect choice you should buy. Unlike Pavilion 15 and Helios 300, Legion 5 is configured with an AMD Ryzen 7 processor and NVMe SSD storage of 512GB, 16GB DDR4 RAM, and NVIDIA 3050t GPU.

It is packed with an AI-based power optimizer engine that is capable of handling construction business workloads at extreme level. This AI engine automatically optimizes system performance by allocating computer resources dynamically during processing. Some laptops get hot running heavy applications. But Legion 5 is built with thermal temperature control technology that keeps the system cool with dual fans under extreme conditions.

It comes with the GeForce GTX 3050 Ti graphics card, although 3050Ti has some performance issues like not being great for gaming. But still faster processing GPU for construction management software.  Furthermore, it consists 15.6inches FHD IPS display screen with three-panel options to view project content more easily. Another notable screen feature is pixel rendering speed that delivers a 165Hz refresh rate and a 3ms response time.

There are rare gaming laptops that last a few hours, but it has perfect battery timing that lasts all day with a single charge. Legion’s keyboard is excellent, too, like it has a comfortable layout to type quickly. 

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4 Blaze 15 by Razer

  • Premium looking design
  • Great ports selection
  • Longer battery life
  • Outclass GPU performance
  • Expensive
  • Average battery timing


Processor 10th gen, Intel 8 Core i7
Storage1TB SSD
GPUGeForce RTX 2080
Display 15.6 inches
Battery Timing 5 Hours

If you need the best laptop for a construction project manager with powerful tools and hardware specifications and the price is not objective, there is no solid choice other than Razer Blaze 15. Its robust build quality and design provide you with a better experience to run construction management software smoothly. Blaze 15 is packed with fast-performance hardware resources in a lightweight design.

From design to performance, everything is perfect. Razer Blaze 15 is the perfect source of excellent computing components like 10th gen 8core i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, super-fast RTX 2080GPU, 1TB SSD storage, and large display screen serious firepower sources to handle any construction management work.

15.6 inches large display gives you enough space to comfortably work on a construction project without having any problem.  One of its unique features is a fast working graphics card. Like it is packed GeForce RTX 2080 discreet GPU along 8GB dedicated RAM. Although it is an expensive machine but investment on it will be worth able.

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5 ROG Zephyrus G14 by Asus

  • 1TB storage space.
  • Excellent battery performance for a longer time
  • A great and comfortable combination of keyword and touch screen
  • No inbuilt web camera
  • CPU got hot in under heavy workload


Processor8cores AMD Ryzen 7
Storage1 TB
Display‎14 Inches
Battery Timing 6 Hours

There is rare to see a much powerful portable Laptop in small chassis, but Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 made this happen. Zephyrus G14 is fitted with solid performance hardware components like 7th gen AMD Ryzen processor, best performance GPU, lots of storage, plus Backlight keyboard. Others configuration of G14 includes NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, RAM of 16GB DDR4, 4GB dedicated RAM for GPU that deliver much faster data processing. Ideally perfect computer for gaming, video editing plus to run construction management software smoothly.

It has more storage space than others in line that comes with a 1TB fastest internal SSD drive. Eight core Ryzen 7 is a rival of 10th gen Intel core i7 in proper responsiveness — a fully Solid productivity system for multitasking. Its Backlit Keyboard and touch screen size give enough room to type comfortably. Keys are fast and soft to press without creating disturbance noise. 

Asking a trade-off laptop for construction management is screen quality. Unquestionably you don’t want a low-quality display screen. Although you’ll miss some higher resolution pixels on G14 still provides good brightness for construction management software in clear color. G14 has all needed ports like USB type A and C, an HDMI, and one for the audio jack.

However, it doesn’t have Thunderbolt 3 that we usually see in Intel-based products. Also, its cooling control system is not what we can expect from a 14inches lightweight machine. ROG 14 got hot while running some demanding titles. Another downside is loudly fan while running multiple apps.

But still, it is not bad if you’re comfortable with the noise of the fan. The third downside is no inbuilt webcam, so you have to use the external camera for video conferencing. These are some terrible points of it; otherwise, Zephyrus G14 is an awe-inspiring performer.

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6 XPS 15 by Dell

  • Great build specifications
  • Outclass performance
  • Excellent 15.6 inches display screen
  • User-friendly keywords
  • Slim and slick design
  • Low storage
  • GTX 1650 is not an impressive GPU


Processor 9th Gen, Intel Core i7
Storage256GB 256GB 
GPUGeForce GTX 1650
Display‎15.6 Inches
Battery Timing 9 Hours

XPS 15 is the best Laptop for construction management right now, among others with a ton of solid values. XPS 15 has some same configurations as Zephyrus G14, like GeForce GTX 1650 GPU, 16GB RAM plus 4GB for GPU. But it comes with 9th gen Core i7 processor plus 15.6 inches UHD OLED display screen. 

However, it has lower storage space than the others listed here. A laptop with 256GB of Memory is not a great choice if storage is your primary concern. Otherwise, it is an SSD-based drive with an M.2 PCIe NVMe interface that will help run applications faster.  Design is premium looking in silver color along with thin and thick shape. 

Additionally 15.6 inches OLED display screen ((3840 x 2160) with a stunning view in a wide range of colors. Plus, it can display elements in up to 400-nit brightness to give you clyster clear view of construction apps. But you’re not going to get impressive performance with GTX 1650 GPU. 

Speaking on battery timing is much essential when a laptop is needed for office work. XPS 15 is capable of running construction applications for more than 9hours on a single charge. Besides other great specs, we don’t want to miss Killer AX1650 Wi-Fi technology that gives up to a 2.4Gbps internet connection. Killer 1650 does not only provide better speed but automatically prioritizes which task requires more bandwidth.

One 2.0 and Two 3.0 USB ports are fitted along with Thunderbolt 3. If you skipped G14 due to no inbuilt webcam, then XPS 15 should be your top pick. It has a high-quality internal webcam with a new 4-element lens that can fully capture the entire frame. Moreover, the camera is built using advanced noise reduction technology to automatically remove background noise when you’re on Call with an office meeting.

What is more?; using the Dell Mobile Connect app, users can connect a smartphone with Laptop. With this feature, you can not only send and receive files between mobile and PC but also make calls and receive messages on Laptop. Although its pricing tag is much higher than others mentioned in the list, a paragon of excellence deserves it. 

7 Swift 3 by Acer

  • Value-packed notebook at low price
  • Great portable device
  • Excellent performance in multitasking
  • Outclass battery timing
  • Lots of necessary ports
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Support for Fingerprint Reader.
  • Poorly fitted speakers
  • Dim display
  • No discreate GPU


Processor Octal-Core Ryzen 7 Processor
Storage512GB NVMe SSD
Display‎14 Inches
Battery Timing 11 Hours

Acer Swift 3 comes with incredible specifications in a lightweight design. Its powerful hardware components make it the best Laptop for construction management along with other siblings. Octal-Core Ryzen 7 Processor and 16GB of RAM, and 512GB fast SSD storage means you will get impressive and fast performance in multitasking. It comes with 14 inches screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9, which means more space to view content at a sweet spot.

Swift 3 battery timing is excellent that keeps last up to 11 hours without putting charge. By design, it’s a notebook with only a size of 2.65lbs and thickness is 0.63 inches which means a perfect lightweight machine for a construction project manager to keep with you while visiting working places.

Shape, design, and color are Eye-catching and premium looking. The product includes plenty of important ports from Data transfer to display. For example, Acer Swift 3 Has 2 USB 3.2, one type-C for display and 1 for charging. However, it has no Thunderbolt 3 ports.

8 Newest by HP 

  • Great performance spec
  • Excellent battery life
  • Perfect shape and design in silver color
  • None


Processor11th Gen, Intel 4 Core i5
Storage 1TB SSD
GPU Iris Xe
Display 15.6 inches
Battery Timing 9 Hours

HP laptops are always best for all-round performance same is true with Newest HP at a much lower price. It is a computer that is fully capable to meets construction business requirements. Because it has excellent spec like 10th gen 4core i5 CPU with 4.2 GHz data processing speed along 8MB cache memory.

Plus, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB SSD storage with PCIe NVMe interface, and integrated Iris Xe GPU honestly give you responsive performance in multitasking. Even this combination is best for gaming, video editing, and other tasks that require accelerated performance.

Newest HP has more than 9hours of battery timing which is enough for the construction manager to work all day. 15.6 inches screen has a wide micro-edge display that generates pictures in true colors. Especially when it is built with IPS technology, you expect a more prominent view angel. 

How to Buy Best Laptop for Construction Management – Buying Guide

What Processor is best for Construction Management Software?

It is the first most crucial spec you need to look at in a system that plays a massive role in computer performance. The Processor (we also call it the CPU) is the brain of the computer – a fast and powerful brain means a laptop will work faster in heavy workload. There is two primary CPU model like Intel and AMD, and both work great.

But Intel-based Processors are considered the best performer in multiple-tasking. And there are different models of Intel-based chips like i3, i5, i7, and i9 in different generation series. A laptop fitted with i3 is only suitable for basic requirements such as document editing, internet browsing, or video watching, while i5 is perfect for solid performance.

But for construction management, a laptop configured with at least 8th gen Intel core i7 is the best combination to run demanding applications. And 9th, 10th, or 11th generation processor in the i7 series is an excellent choice for impressive performance.

On the other hand, AMD Ryzen CPUs are not behind then Intel in faster execution. Ryzen 4000 and Ryzen 5000 are rivals of i5 and i7 that provide the same system performance and responsiveness while running multiple applications. Furthermore, AMD-based Processors are cheaper than Intel.

So, if you need the best Laptop for the construction business, buy a system with an Intel Core i7 with an 8th or above generation chip. Or, if you like AMD CPU, purchase a machine configured with Ryzen 4000 or Ryzen 5000 processor. And all the above-listed laptops have similar or better CPU specifications.

 Storage space you required in Laptop

ROM or secondary storage is a computer’s internal memory that store data permanently. Everything you see in the system, from installed software to entertainment content, resides on a hard drive. HHD and SSD drives are the two most commonly used storage devices in a computer. These are built using two different technology like HDD that read and write data by moving parts, while SSD used NAND flash technology for data processing. 

HDD is a winner in pricing that provides more storage space, but it is not reliable, fast, responsive like SDD. So for better and reliable system performance, only buy a computer with SSD. And the good news is that most modern Laptop has pre-configured internal SSD drives. But what is the minimum Storage space that is required for constructions business software?. Well, 256 GB storage is a minimum requirement, but a laptop with 1TB will be an excellent machine and another spec. 


RAM is the essential factor you should not miss when purchasing a laptop for the construction business. All current running applications, from management software to MS office, browser to videos player, reside on RAM, which temporarily holds data. The idea behind using it is to provide quick data access to the Processor to make the executing process super fast.

More RAM means capable of running multiple applications at once. So what is the ideal size of RAM you should look for in a Laptop?. The minimum requirement is 16GB to run demanding software, but more than 16GB will be the sweet spot. 

Dedicated Graphics Card

GPU is a hardware chip that generates every pixel you see on screen. And responsible for rendering every picture, video, and other graphical elements on display. There are two types of GPU as integrated and dedicated graphics cards (also called discrete GPUs). Almost all Intel-based products have a built-in graphics processing unit that is enough for basic stuff like watching movies, and even you can play some games with that integrated card. But it is not enough for the construction business. Therefore, you need to buy a laptop with a discrete graphics card along 4GB of dedicated RAM for GPUs. 


What is suitable for construction management, Window or

Although Mac-based devices like Apple MacBook Pro has more powerful specifications to run construction management software smoothly. But Most of the software is not compatible with Mac operating system. Therefore Windows-based laptops are the right choice for a construction business.

What is the minimum storage and RAM that a laptop should have?

The minimum storage space is 512GB, but 256GB is also ok, and RAM should be at least 16GB to achieve high performance. A Machine less than recommended requirements will render demanding software unplayable.

What is the best laptop for construction management?

These are best laptops for construction management business 1 Helios Predator 300 by Acer, 2 Pavilion 15 by HP, 3 Legion 5 by Lenovo, 4 Blaze 15 by Razer , 5 ROG Zephyrus G14 by Asus, 6 XPS 15 by Dell, 7 Swift 3 by Acer and 8 Newest by HP

What is the best laptop for AutoCAD Civil 3D?

Laptop requirements for Autocad Civil 3D are slightly different from the Laptop you’re purchasing for the construction business. Some Laptop mentioned in this article are fully compatible to run Autocad software like Helios Predator 300,  Blaze 15 by Razer , ROG Zephyrus G14

What is the best software for construction?

Some of the best software for construction management are PO.BuildPro,Procore.VisiLean,Smartsheet,BuilderTREND, Float and many more. 

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