12 Best Free Cloud Storage Services in 2021 – Get 2TB Space

Why spend a ton of dollars to store data locally when you can store all your files on an online server? Here we picked the best free cloud storage that is free, secure, and fast.

Time has gone by when people use external physical devices to store data. Now, businesses and individual people prefer to keep their data on a remote server. According to research, In 2023 cloud computing is expected to reach $623.3 billion.

Cloud storage is the right choice for business. It has more features as compared to local storage. Plus, it is secure, cheap, reliable, and trouble-free. No need to worry about manual tacking Backup; cloud software makes the job easy. You can select your desire option automatic or Scheduling Backup while tacking backup.

You can host unlimited files over a cloud database – No need to buy expensive memory storage devices. However, their price differs from basic plan to advanced plan, and also most cloud storage service provider offers business plan – not for a single user. Moreover, some cloud computing companies offer limited free space that is enough for a single user.

The list contains the best free cloud storage services for business and personal users. Before choosing your desired service, you should check different factors like how much space they are giving with the free plan, speed, security, privacy policy, file management, etc.

Most users only check how much space they are providing, but that is not the only thing you should consider. We have prepared this list base on those factors that are necessary. 

Quick overview of Best Free Online Storage

Name Free Space Best for Privacy Policy Speed
Google Drive 15 GB Best for Collaboration and Photos Poor Excellent
Dropbox 2 GB Good Speed Poor Fast
OneDrive 5GB Document Average Good
SpiderOak One 5GB Security and Privacy Policy Excellent Good
Mega Cloud Storage
15GB Free space Excellent Average
Degoo 100GB Good free space Not clear Poor
Blomp 200GB Apple User Not clear Good
Icloud 5GB Speed Good Slow
PCloud 10GB Security and Privacy Policy Best One Speed
Tresorit 5GB Budget Best Slow
IceDrive 10GB Music Good Excellent
Sync.com 5GB

Twelve Best Free Cloud Storage in 2021

1 Google Drive: Best Cloud Storage for Photos

google drive cloud storage

Google Drive is the most popular cloud storage. It provides excellent speed. With the collaborations feature, you can check all teamwork and can collaborate with them very quickly. Videos playback feature allows you to view your hosted videos on GD.

In a particular case, you need a specific file; using the search feature, you can quickly find it in GD, and even it can find it from within documents. Google drive gives 15 spaces free. It also offers a basic, standard, and premium plan. The price range varies with storage space. 

Although Google drive is a perfect option for cloud storage, it also has some drawbacks. The biggest concern related to google drive is the privacy policy. It does not provide a good privacy policy; Google can access hosted data in their database.

Google has some security breakage in history; for example, a Russian hacker hacked a 4.9M Google account in 2014. Furthermore, 25M Gmail accounts were hacked in 2016.

However, Google makes much improvement in its security, and there is no significant security breakage since 2016. But, I am not saying Google drive is not secure to host files; it is safe and the best free cloud storage for photos.


  • Excellent Speed.
  • 2step verification.
  • File collaborations.
  • Playback for videos.
  • Good search functionality.
  • Enough free space.
  • Eccellent editing feature.


  • Not a good privacy policy.
  • Don’t provide zero-knowledge security.
  • It is not a good one for sharing.
  • Very boring file organization structure.
  • It does not support setting a password for shared files.

2 Dropbox: Fastest Cloud Storage

Dropbox Fastest Cloud Storage

Dropbox is another popular free cloud storage. It is not surprising that most of us have an account like me and my university fellow. We like to use it to store university study martial to share with other students. Probably Dropbox was the first cloud storage service provider that comes in 2007. The idea behind creating Dropbox was interesting, but it is another story.

Dropbox provides with easy file sharing feature, and you can easily share hosted files link. Dropbox offers 2 GB of free online storage. Using 2step verification, you can make your account secure from unauthorized access. You can also integrate Dropbox with a different app like office 365, google dock etc.

Its paid plans are a little expensive as compared to top competitors. Dropbox offers two premium subscriptions including plus and family. Plus subscription gives 2TB of cloud storage plus other excellent features that are not available in free plans like syncing, support to share max 2GB file, 30days account rewind, an offline folder for mobile device, the search feature in 9.99$ per month. The family plan has the same storage and features but it supports 6users per account at $16.99 / mo. 


  • Easy and user-friendly interface.
  • Integration with 3rd party apps.
  • Good synchronization.
  • Link sharing.
  • collaboration
  • 2step verification.


  • Not good security.
  • Costly compare to Google drive and Onedrive.
  • Lack of privacy policy.

3  OneDrive: Best for Document

OneDrive Best for Document

OneDrive is the best free cloud storage for windows users. With a free plan, it provides 5GB of free space. It provides a very user-friendly interface to host files. Easily Integratable with windows10 and office with OneDrive. You can easily edit and share files.

OneDrive can be a good option if you work with an MS office. Apart from this, with the collaboration feature, you can easily collaborate dock and excel files with team members. However, it is not suitable for other cloud storage options.

OneDrive offers two paid plans including home and business. Home includes further sub-three plans like Standalone, Microsoft 365 personal and family. Standalone gives 100GB storage, advanced security to protect 3 files, advanced level syncing, real-time collaboration, 30 days file version history and a lot of others features for $1.99 / month.

Microsoft 365 Personal includes 1TB storage, one user support, Ransomware protection and,  password protection on shared files and some other notable features in 7$ /mo. Family subscription almost has the same feature but it includes 6TB storage, supports up to 6users for 10$ monthly. While OneDrive business plan includes a bunch of business optimized cloud storage and backup plans.


  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Good file sharing option.
  • File collaboration.


  • Only suitable for windows users.

4 SpiderOak One

SpiderOak is a top secure option that is looking for safe and best free cloud storage. It should be the top pick on the list if your concern is related to the privacy policy and security. It supports multiple devices with a single account.

SpiderOak gives 5GB of free cloud space but to avail, a free storage credit card is required.  However, its plan is a little costly compare to top competitors. Furthermore, it only offers a 21days free trial to access the full account. 


  • Good security.
  • Clear and well-written privacy policy.
  • 21days free trial to access the full account.


  • No free plan without credit card details.
  • Costly.


5 Mega Cloud Storage

Mega cloud storage

Mega cloud storage is a top-rated cloud service. It provides a free and paid version. With the free version, it gives 15GB of space. Also, provide good standard security encryption to protect your data. Also, it offers two types of paid plan individual and business and their price range vary from Pro-lite to Pro III.

Likewise, mega storage offers a good user privacy policy. Additionally, you can get 50GB of free storage space. However, you need to participate in mega promotions like referring to your friend and watching sponsor videos on a Mega cloud to get extra GB.


  • Good free space.
  • It provides strong security and a strict privacy policy.
  • Zero-knowledge encryption.
  • Excellent UI.
  • You can preview the document.


  • Expensive paid plan.
  • Does not support collaboration.
  • Not good customer support.

 6 100 GB Free Cloud Drive with Degoo

degoo cloud storage

With the name, you got an idea, how much storage space you can get with the Degoo. Basically, it is for picture storage. After installing the app, you have to create an account to get 1TB free cloud storage. You can upload photos, videos, documents, or any files you want to host.

To get more storage space, you have to do basic stuff like inviting your friends, watching sponsor videos. You don’t have to worry about the quality of uploaded photos; you can get the same quality pictures with downloaded pictures on Degoo.

App provides 5TB and 10TB space with a paid plan, but 100GB is enough to store your data until you are a professional photographer. Furthermore, you can also get 5GB of space per referral and good thing is that it allows a maximum of 500GB to extend using their referral system.  However, it does not have a desktop app,  only provides a mobile application for the android and IOS platforms. 


  • 100GB free space.
  • Clean Interface.
  • Can view in list and grid.
  • Automatically saved files in related folders.
  • Good Sharing.
  • 3Devices.


  • No desktop application.
  • No zero-knowledge encryption with the free plan.
  • Annoying ads.

7 Blomp


Most cloud-based companies are not providing enough storage space. Don’t worry, Blomp has solved this problem for you. It is offering 200GB free cloud storage. Using 200GB space, you can upload any data, including pictures, videos, and documents.

It is not only a feature you should look at in Blomp; it also offers good standard security to make files secure. You can access it using any browser. Furthermore, it also has android and IOS apps.  However, it lacks some essential features like encryption, sharing, and trash folder. 

However, Blomp doesn’t give free 200GB cloud storage instantly, after creating an account you’ll get 20GB and the other remaining will be provided by inviting a friend( 20GB per referral). And also if you don’t log in once a time in a month, your account will be deleted. Blomp offer three paid plans like 250GB(0.99$), 2TB(2.99$) and 10TB(9.99$) per month. 


  • 200GB free space.
  • Budget-oriented paid plan.


  • No end-to-end encryption.
  • Does not have trash folder, and sharing features.
  • Montlhy login required.

8 Icloud: Best Free Cloud Storage for Apple User

 iCloud is famous for apple devices. The most significant advantage of having Icloud is customer support; they are always available for any assistance. It has a good privacy policy as compared to Google Drive and Dropbox.

Its most significant disadvantage is its low uploading speed. Also, don’t provide a document editing option. It can be an excellent option for apple ecosystems to which need free cloud storage for iPhone.


  • Outstanding customer support.
  • Suitable for apple devices.
  • Good privacy policy
  • 2step authentication.


  • No zero-knowledge encryption.
  • No file editing option.
  • Only suitable for apple devices.
  • Slow uploading speed.

9 PCloud: Best  and Fast Storage

PCloud: Best  and Fast Storage

PCloud offers a number of features including speed, security, syncing at affordable prices for a lifetime. They have an unbreakable security system and also provide zero-knowledge encryption. It offers encrypted and non-encryption options.

Furthermore, Pcloud offers 10GB of free cloud storage. Also, Pcloud provides a very cheap plan; it provides 2TB space for 350$ for a lifetime. It means you have to pay for just one time. Only a few service providers offer lifetime subsection at an affordable price.

Although it is a little expensive to pay for one time you will be free from the monthly payment. It automatically previews uploaded pictures; if you are a photographer, you will love this feature. For a professional photojournalist, it is the best free cloud storage. 

Don’t think about uploading and downloading speed; Pcloud provider super-fast speed. Its UI is very user-friendly, offers an elegant and clean interface. You can also take Backup from your social media account. This tool makes the backup process very simple with just a few clicks.

While working on a local pc, it makes changes everywhere in a real-time project. It offers an outstanding sharing feature; you can set a password and expiration date on shared files. However, for more options, you have to purchase an add-on.


  • Strong security
  • zero-knowledge encryption
  • Budget oriented
  • Lifetime Storage Space.
  • Support all devices.
  • Excellent UI
  • Option to make a backup from social media account.
  • Sync and Selective Sync.
  • Excellent speed.


  • Expensive to buy add-on features.

10 Tresorit: Best for Security and Privacy Policy

Tresorit Best for Security and Privacy Policy

Tresorit is the most secure free cloud storage service on our list. It has proven security systems; in 2019, a security expert team defied it too. With 2factor authentication, you can make your account more secure. It also offers several good features like file sharing, password setup on files, a limit on the number of downloads.

However, its plans are pretty expensive. Furthermore, Tresorit only offers 14days for trial, and one good thing about it is you can send 5GB large files free.  Low downloading speed is another drawback of Tresorit.


  • Strong security.
  • Zero-knowledge encryption.
  • Good privacy policy.
  • Good file sharing.
  • Password setup on shared files.
  • Good interface.
  • Good sync.


  • Very expensive.
  • Low downloading speed.
  • No file editing option.

 11 IceDrive: Best Budget-Friendly and for lifetime Subscription

IceDrive Best Budget-Friendly and for lifetime Subscription

IceDrive is the best affordable, fast cloud storage for beginners out there. It mainly focused on security، privacy policy and cost-effective backup solutions for businesses and individuals. It offers 10GB of free cloud storage space in one subscription for a lifetime.

Also, IceDrive offers lite, pro, and pro + plans that offer 150GB to 5TB storage space. It has a clean and user-friendly interface; you can easily drag and drop files. You can also set passwords and expiry dates on files.


  • Good interface.
  • Excellent speed.
  • Cheap.
  • Zero-knowledge encryption.


  • Under development feature
  • No 2factor authentication.
  • Basic sharing option.

12 Sync.com: Best for Music

Sync.com Best for Music

Sync.com is Canadian-based cloud storage that offers 5GB of free online storage. It mainly focused on security and privacy policy. Data on sync.com transfer securely with end-to-end encryption.

Additionally, if you have an office 365 account, you can edit files too. It only clouds storage that offers a combination of office 365 and a secure environment.


  • Well explained terms and conditions.
  • Versioning.
  • Setup for expiry date.


  • It doesn’t provide folder-level sync.
  • Low speed.
  • Need to improve UI.

How to Choose Right Best Free Online Cloud Storage Service?


  • Security:

Security should be your number one priority when choosing any cloud service. You should check which security algorithm they are providing with their service to secure your data. The privacy policy is another thing you should check; how much they care about your privacy.

  • Sync option:

 Where and how we can sync files – file-level – folder level – block-level – real-time Syncing on multiple devices.

  • File sharing:

While working on the same project as a team, we need to share files with other team members. It should support a file-sharing feature. OneDrive, Dropbox, and Tresorit provide excellent file-sharing features.  

  • File size limit:

Files size varies from small to a large one. Cloud computing companies put a limit to upload maximum-size files.

  • File Management:
  • Space:

How much storage space are they offering? Is it enough for your requirements?

  • Cost-effective:

Is it affordable for you? Cost is a significant factor you should consider if you’re purchasing a paid plan. Every cloud computing company offers a different user plan; chose which one is cost-effective for your requirement.

Final Words on Best Free Cloud Storage

We have listed these free cloud storage services based on different aspects such as cost, security, accessibility, file management, storage space, user interface, and syncing. Cloud storage is not just storing your data on an online server; you should look at these features when using anyone.


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