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CCGen - Namso Gen - Live Credit Card Generator

Namso CCGen is a free live Credit Card Generator website that allows you to use Bins to create many credit cards. Namso is a freemium cc generator just like namso gen.

What is CCGen?

CCGen is a random credit card generator that's an essential tool for web development and programming. The main customers who use CCGen are e-commerce website owners and developers who need to test their websites in order to ensure that transactions using credit cards are performed efficiently.

How CCGen Algorithm Works?

CCGen generates random credit card numbers based on the customers' bank Identification Number (BIN) through employing the LUHN algorithm. Also known as Modulus 10. Also known as Modulus 10, or Mod-10 algorithm Luhn's algorithm can be an extremely efficient method of verification of credits card information created using CCGen. Any type of error, and the algorithm detects the error immediately. Luhn's algorithm checks and validates credit card numbers using the following steps to compute check figures:

If the results of Luhn's algorithm yields a value that is not zero then the card is ineligible. Therefore, Luhn's algorithm permits to the CCGen software to confirm and authenticate an unique credit card's number in order to stop fraudulent activities.

How to Use the CCGen Software?

CCGen generates credit card numbers using a few steps.

  • First, let's look at the number distributions on the original credit cards:
  • The first six numbers are the BIN, or issuer's ID number that remains the same for each debit card provided by the financial institution
  • The remaining 8 digits are referred to as the number of the cardholder.
  • The last digit is known as the check digit that confirms the authenticity of all other numbers.

In order to use CCGen one must insert the first six numbers (the BIN, also known as the issuer's identification number) in the correct sequence, then click the "Generate Cards Button to begin making up random credit card numbers.

Is CCGen Legal?

After hearing all kinds of stories about credit card generators you're probably wondering if CCGen software is legal or not. CCGen software is legal or not. This is not difficult to understand the reason. It is true that the CCGen Software has been designed with the sole intention of testing data as well as to create unique credit cards that are numeric. The primary purpose that is served by CCGen is, thus testing sites, that is completely legal. Additionally, the use of CCGen Software is completely safe. False transactions aren't even thought of through the credit card figures created by CCGen since they do not connect to any bank account. Thus, the issue about the legality of CCGen is without doubt established.

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