5 Best QuickBooks Hosting  Providers – Cloud Hosting Reviews

Are your company and business on a tight budget? And cannot have the good budget to make a dedicated IT setup to keep records of accounts and other financial activities. Fortunately, you have an alternative option that is QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting. But picking the best one among many is a little tricky.  So, we are here to tell you about the best QuickBooks hosting providers.

Why is Cloud Hosting Better than using offline QuickBooks desktop Software?

Offline QuickBooks desktop software for bookkeeping, accounting, and data recording for small to large-sized businesses is pretty good. Furthermore, there is also online SaaS-Based software. But these desktops and online QB tools lack some essential features. Even cannot handle large and complex accounting requirements. Cloud hosting starts offering its unique service to fill up this gap.

 Cloud storage provides secure, reliable, and advanced features such as sharing and collaborations for QuickBooks users. And allows you to access hosted data anywhere, anytime, using the internet on a computer and even on mobile devices. Furthermore, there is no operating system dependency issue, equally accessible on windows10, Linux and macOS. Additionally, it saved you from purchasing the entire local setup infrastructure, installation, and maintenance headache.

Quick Overview of Quickbooks Cloud Hosting Reviews

Hosting Top Features
Ace Cloud Hosting Fast and Secure.
99.99% uptime.
Support for Automatic backups.
24/7 customer support
Apps4Rent Hosting 99.99% uptime.
Support for multiple users.
Daily backup support.
24/7 support.
Compatible with printer and other devices.
Sagenext Hosting Fast.
Zero downtime.
Collaboration feature.
Good customer support team
Right Networks QuickBooks Hosting Auto-update
Real-time Collaboration.
Multi-layer data protection security.
Flexible and reliable.
Summithosting Dedicated server.
2factor authentication.
Support multiple users.
Free trial for two months.
 Superfast speed.


What is Cloud Hosting QuickBooks?

 If you’re still unaware of it, we can briefly tell you what that is.  

What is Cloud Hosting?

It stores data on an online cloud server physically located in different locations – and accessible with an internet connection. They provide data-keeping services on a monthly and yearly basis on their pricing plans.


QuickBooks Hosting

It is a service that provides unique and dedicated accounting software, tools, and a complete-fledged environment to host accounts, CPAs, books keeping data online securely on 3rd party cloud servers. It allows you to manage all your accounting files and operations in one place. And it also gives more flexibility to add more features that you don’t find in offline QuickBooks software.


Some considerations for QuickBooks cloud hosting before choosing

When there are multiple services, picking the best one is not easy. Selecting the worst service not only wastes money but also runs you out of business operations. So, our QuickBooks cloud hosting reviews will be helpful to find the best service to fit your business requirements. We have a checklist of features, must check before selecting the right QB.


1 Security and Privacy

Security and privacy should be the number one priority when storing data on 3rd party servers.  Check out what types of encryption-based security they are providing. Is data transfer securely, and remain safe on the cloud?. When many viruses threaten to exist, ensure they are offering good and premium antivirus and malware programs with subscriptions. Also, the 2factors verification feature is a must to make the account secure from unauthorized access. And lastly, clearly read out the privacy policy to make sure it is business-friendly.


2 Performance and Speed

The productivity of a business depends on the speed and performance of the IT service you are using.  It widely affects the working operations of the business. The best and possible way to test it is to run QuickBooks during the trial period to ensure speediness. Also, always choose a service with a 99.99% uptime server guarantee. Speed also depends on internet connectivity, so make sure you have fast net connections while testing.


3 QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Pricing

Every service provider’s pricing plans vary with the different features they are offering. However, most have an expensive subscription but choose one that is suitable with business budget.


4 Interface of Application

The interface means how to interact and use the app. It can make and break the usage of the software. A good, user-friendly, and smooth interface is a must. The service provider offers desktop, web-based, and mobile applications. Therefore, test them separately.

 Things you should check-in interface:

  • Are essential features clearly visible?
  • Does it work smoothly and fast?
  • Is there no clutter on display?

Try the demo to test the different application interfaces if they are offering a free trial.


5 Customer Support

Good customer support is very critical. If customers are stuck while using their product, only they can help the user. Customer support should be available 24/7, who reply quickly and have the ability to sort out the user’s problems. To know how much they are customer-friendly, read out the review and connect to them using provided compunctions channels.  


6 Support Scalability

The need for resources, storage, and other features depends on time. Sometimes I need more storage space or sometimes I need to downgrade. Therefore, there should be no hidden cost to upgrade and downgrade any component.

Five Best QuickBooks Hosting Providers in 2021

Ace Cloud Hosting

URL: https://www.acecloudhosting.com/

Ace Cloud Hosting

No one is proving better, fast, reliable, secure and the best QuickBooks hosting other than Ace.  The company has been operating since 2012 and has a wide range of customers. It should be fair to call him a leading cloud storage solution provider for small and large businesses, accountants, CPAs, and text-paying software due to its best IT infrastructures for a particular service.


This award-winning cloud-based service provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee with a particular dedicated server. Servers are SSD-based storage and superfast processors to boost performance and speed. Furthermore, multiple users work smoothly at the same time without any downgrade performance issues.


Apart from this, Ace cloud hosting provides multi-level security to provide 100% data protection. Your hosted data remains secure from viruses, ransomware attacks, phishing, and other dangerous hacking techniques. What makes ACE best among customers? It is affordable for all types of business – no matter if you have a small or large company and what your budget is.

They have rich subscription packages for different kinds of customers. Automatic backup makes your job easier; applications automatically take files from archives and keep them for 45days into their database. Moreover, Ace has a very responsive customer support team and is available 24/7 to sort out customers’ problems.


  • Superfast and secure.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Uptime guarantee.
  • Ten days’ Free trial.
  • syncing.
  • Data protection from viruses.
  • Licensed-based QuickBooks hosting.
  • Automatic backups.


  • None.


Apps4Rent Hosting

URL: https://www.apps4rent.com/

QuickBooks Enterprise cloud Hosting

Apps4Rent is an Intuit licensed-based cloud hosting for QuickBooks that has been providing service for the last 15 years. It is the best QuickBooks cloud hosting for windows users who support several windows-based applications. If the cloud server goes down, the rest of your work is despondent, but this is not an issue with Apps4Rent. It is offering a 99.99% server uptime guarantee to provide smooth performance and speed. Also, Apps4Rent promises the same goes for Microsoft office 365. The server automatically takes backup of hosted data daily.

The company has an industry-standard data centre that is located in the USA. Adding or subtracting user or service tools changes with time, but it is no issue with Apps4Rent. You can add more storage space, processor, user, or whatever you want. However, you have to pay for every up-gradation.  It is accessible on all devices, including desktop, web-based, and mobile applications. Furthermore, it saves from application installation headaches and has pre-installed necessary free software including browser software, media player, remote access software, etc.  Also, Apps4Rent cloud storage allows connecting with local printers, scanners, or any other hardware devices.



  • 99.99% server uptime.
  • Support multiple users.
  • Daily backup.
  • 3rd party integration.
  • 24/7 support avail via multiple communication modes.
  • Compatible with local devices.
  • It has preinstalled free software.


  • No free trial


Sagenext Hosting

URL: https://www.thesagenext.com/


Sagenext provides fast, reliable, secure, and 99.99% uptime for QuickBooks cloud hosting. It is offering QB hosting service with an SSD-based cloud server with zero downtime.  Data hosted on Sagenext remain in secured hands; it automatically takes backup regularly. Therefore, you can recover in any case of disaster. It supports real-time collaboration for multiple users on the same project. Furthermore, it provides multi-lier data security to ensure 100% similar protections. 


  • Fast.
  • Zero downtime.
  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Very responsive customer support team.


  • None.

Right Networks QuickBooks Hosting

URL: https://www.rightnetworks.com/

Right Networks QuickBooks hosting

RightNetworks provides the best, powerful, flexible, reliable, and secure cloud hosting for professional accountants. This is providing several features to manage the entire business. It allows collaboration with other users and clients in real-time working projects. Like Ace and Apps4Rent, Right Networks also supports daily auto backup, but its period is a bit longer than both of these. It keeps replicated files for 90 days.  Data hosted on their server remains secure with multi-layer security protocols.


  • Auto-update
  • Real-time Collaboration.
  • Multi-layer data protection security.
  • Flexible and reliable.


  • Need to improve the login system, sometimes automatically log-out the user.
  • Moving files from their server to the local computer involved annoying extra steps. 


URL: https://www.summithosting.com/

summithosting pro quickBooks hosting

Summit hosting is providing reliable and unique sage and QB hosting for the last five years. It allows management and operation accounting files, payroll, bookkeeping, and CPA data in one place.  Most companies provide shared servers for hosting, but Summit hosting offers a particular dedicated server for every customer, significantly boosting performance. While in shared hosting, you have shared resources such as bandwidth, RAM, storage, CPUs, etc., that downgrade performance and speed of the system.  Its hosting dashboard is accessible on all operating systems, desktop version software, and mobile devices.

 Furthermore, Summit hosting used EV encryption-based security techniques to provide complete data protection. Also, to make the user account more secure, it automatically asks to change the user password after 90 days. However, Summit does not have customer-friendly support, such as no live chat and email to connect with the backing team. You have to call on the phone number or submit a ticket to sort the query.


  • Dedicated server.
  • 2factor authentication.
  • Support multiple users.
  • Free trial for two months.
  •  Superfast speed.


  • Does not support live chat.


Final Overview of Best QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Provides

Using QB cloud storage has more benefits compared to offline and online QBs software. It provides a more secure, reliable, fast, and features rich set-up to manage and maintain account data. Many services offer this service. And we have shared the list of the best five hosting providers.

Ace is a leading company that provides 100% uptime, secure, fast cloud server, and budget-friendly packages. Apps4Rent is another best one operating for more than 15years—and providing the same features for Windows users. Right Networks and Sagenext are also not behind them. At the same time, Summit hosting has a unique setup that offers a dedicated server for hosting.



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