5 Best Laptops for Online Teaching- Powerfull but Cheap

Best Laptops for online teaching is the most imperative topic to discuss in Covid-19 endemic. The current pandemic changed everything and brought us all together online. Almost in the whole world, all schools, colleges, and universities started teaching students through virtual channels. Although, the pandemic situation has changed, and now educational institutions are opened for physical classes. But it does not mean there are no more demands for remote teaching after getting covid-19 vaccine dose.

Virtual classes’ demands will still be there from time to time. It had already been demanded before the outbreak of coronavirus. And there are also lots of opportunities in online teaching like you can create Udemy courses, YouTube channels, and twitch your profession as a freelance teacher. Fortunately, there are a lot of freelancing platforms that provide this opportunity like Datacamp, Musika, TutorMe, Tutor.com, Fiverr and many more. Therefore, a high-performance computer is a must to have for remote teaching.

Why laptop is best for online teaching compared to computer 

The best Laptop for online teaching provides a better teaching experience compared to desktop PC and Tablet. And its portability makes it laidback to carry with you in class. Therefore a right Laptop is a must to have before starting virtual education but finding a suitable PC is not easy, especially when there are so many brands with different models. Most significantly, a machine with endorsed features is requisite to buy. However, every educator wants a decent laptop without spending too much. The good news is that there are many powerful machines with longing necessities and requisites that match with a teacher’s budget.

So we have created a list of the Best Laptops for online classes that are affordable for every educator.  And we only included perfect systems for a teacher to teach remotely in a smooth and comfortable environment. Every mentioned machine has a large display screen, HD integrated webcam, good internal SSD storage memory, fastest Wi-Fi connection, longer battery timing, and standard keyword.

Furthermore, our recommended PC enclosed a high-quality internal speaker. Thus you can easily communicate without using headphones. Another main thing that needs to be mentioned is that every system should be capable of running all teaching applications, including the zoom app, MS office, BigBlueButton, WizIQ, LearnCube, Viper, Webex Meetings, and programming software. And to run these teaching applications smoothly the system must have the fastest RAM and a powerful processor. That is why we have selected all laptops based on the requirements of the required online teaching.

Five Best Laptops for Online Teaching – Powerful but Cheap in 2021

1 HP Pavilion x360

HP Pavilion x360

Pavilion x360 Convertible is a powerful machine from HP that comes in two in 1 modes. The pavilion is the Best Laptop for online classes if you don’t want to invest in expensive Apple devices and are looking for solid alternative options. The pavilion provides several superb and powerful hardware specifications at an affordable price. 14inches screen with micro-edge display gives Laptop as well tablet experience in sole value. While teaching online, you can easily adjust it in Tablet mode to quickly type on the touch screen; you will feel like writing on the whiteboard.

It comes with the latest 6 generation Wi-Fi that makes internet connectivity 3x times faster than a normal connection. In other words, it provides perfect net speed for zoom video calling and remote meeting plus HD webcam with inbuilt microphone delivers high-quality audio and videos online streaming. The most notable feature that deserves to mention is hardware specifications perfect for multitasking and running extensive size applications. Even it is the perfect Laptop to run Windows 11.

The machine includes a 10th gen Intel quad-core i5 processor with 8GB RAM. Plus, it contains a 512GB internal SSD fast hard drive that makes the storage and boots up process faster and reliable. The product has a pre-pre-installed Windows 10 home version that will run smoothly on this machine. 512GB space is more than enough for a teacher who needs storage to store documents, videos, lectures, and educational projects.

Pavilion x360 is equipped with longer battery timing that lasts up to 9hours and the fastest charging aptitude. However, the battery life timing depends on its usage. While there are some bad points that are associate with x360, like it does not have a backlit keyboard and also placement of the power button is annoying. Also, there is no support for a fingerprint reader that some other Laptops provide. Furthermore, it also misses the numeric keypad. But overall, it is a versatile PC for remote teaching and entertainment.

2 ASUS ZenBook 13

ASUS ZenBook 13

ZenBook 13 is the best laptop for zoom and google classroom meetings at an affordable price with a beautiful chassis design and excellent professional features. ASUS ZenBook 13 has almost similar hardware components to HP Pavilion x360 beside a slight processor difference. Products are packed with 8th gen Intel core, RAM of 8GB DDR3, and 512GB fastest SSD storage drives. This combination of excellent specifications promises high performance that can handle multitasking more reliably.

In other words, the machine can run multiple applications like zoom, Skype, video editing apps, presentations software, and browsers simultaneously with excellent performance. Its Intel-based HD Graphics gives a high-quality remote calling experience. The top feature that makes it the best PC for online teaching is 15hours long battery timing made with lithium-polymer material. You can easily teach online, prepare lessons, browse youtube and play games with one time charging. 

Additionally, it provides the fastest charging capability that can charge laptops full within one and half hours. Products’ heft is just ‎2.5 pounds; that is easy to carry when going to physical classes. Plus, it is packed with a high-quality internal speaker that plays audio up to 3.5X volume. For Internet connectivity, ZenBook 13 contained an 802.11ac Wi-Fi card. Although this card provides a faster net connection, it doesn’t work well where multiple devices are using the same network. So overall ZenBook 13 is the best laptop for online teaching with excellent spec.

3 Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

A mid-range laptop like the Acer Aspire 5 is easily overlooked. People usually either go for premium laptops or budget laptops when it comes to buying a new computer for themselves, both of which are designed to meet specific needs. But you’ll be surprised to find out that you get more bang for your buck if you buy a mid-range laptop like the Acer Aspire 5.

Putting some thought into selecting which kind of laptop will best suit your professional and personal computing demands can save you a bundle of cash and is less likely to leave you feeling frustrated because an important piece of software won’t run on a specific type of computer.

It comes with a 3rd Gen Dual-Core AMD Ryzen 3 processor which is able to handle complex tasks at 3.5 GHz processing speed! It also features up to 4GB of RAM memory and a 128GB PCIe NVMe SSD drive which will allow you to store your files and applications in one convenient location.

4 SAMSUNG Galaxy Chromebook

SAMSUNG Galaxy Chromebook

If you like a Chromebook with a high-resolution screen for online teaching, then mull it into the list. Galaxy Chromebook is filled with numbers of worth citing features, including core I5 processor, 8GB RAM, support to play video up to 4K, faster booting time, backlit keyboard, plenty of free cloud storage, excellent wireless connectivity, and beautifully shaped design.

The AMOLED display is the most unique and outstanding feature in this PC; AMOLED technology is considered safest for eyes that keep you connected with online classes all day without putting stress on your eyes. It also provides complete control over colour contrast to adjust brightness, making you feel pleasant while teaching online for a longer time. Also, vivid colour features display pictures and videos in full high quality.

Though it only consists of 256GB of internal storage, with purchasing Galaxy Chromebook, SAMSUNG offers 200GB of free Google cloud storage for one year. That is more than enough to keep your entire data in a safe place. Chrome OS gives a fully secure, solid, and simple desktop environment to boost up multitasking. Most notably, you can play Google play store apps more securely. Two C-type USB ports give faster data reading and writing connection plus power charging capability.

5 HP Notebook 15

HP Notebook 15

HP Notebook 15 is the best laptop for online classes on a low budget.  Although it has lacking hardware components compared to competitors laptops in the same list, it still has excellent performance features at a low price. Product equipped with 15.6 HD touchpad display that renders videos calls and images more colourfully. Its dedicated UHD Graphics card powered by Intel makes it a compatible choice for Photoshop and illustration tasks. With 10th gen dual-core i3, 8GB RAM, and 25GB fast SSD storage, you can run all teaching applications efficiently and also it is capable to run new features rich OS windows 11.

An SSD hard disk provides excellent speed compared to a mechanical disk. It means you will experience quick windows10 boots uptime and exemplary performance in multitasking. This PC includes all USB ports that every user wants, like USB 3.1, type A, and Type-C. Overall, Notebook 15 is the best teaching laptop at an affordable price with a beautiful micro-edge bezel design.

How to Buy the Best Laptop for the Teacher (Buying guide)

Before purchasing any computer, make sure the system has the following specifications:

Latest generation CPUs

Latest generation CPUs

Technology has changed too much in recent years, and the same comes with Intel and AMD generation processors. Now modern computers are packed with multi-core processors that are more powerful for running multiple software simultaneously. Thus, choosing the latest brand CPUs means a powerful computer capable of handling multitasking.

For teaching, a laptop with Intel Core i3 series is the least commendable, but for outstanding performance, i5, i7 and i9 are the best options if your budget agrees. And finally, make sure you buy a PC that has a separate graphics processing unit. GPU is responsible for rendering high-quality videos and picturing fast without impacting the performance of the main CPU. 

Fastest RAM


Having powerful CPUs but low RAM means useless hardware resources. RAM plays a prominent role in the system’s performance along with the processor. It is temporary storage in a computer that stores current running applications and other routine tasks. A PC with lower RAM runs applications slow; in other words, if you open multiple tabs simultaneously, the computer will start running slow.

So to get decent performance, RAM should be at least 4GB, but it is a minimum requirement, not perfect. The system will start hanging if you open multiple software like MS office, zoom app, browser, and video player simultaneously with 4GB RAM. However, we recommend 8GB or 16GB for higher performance. 

Good battery timing

Good battery performance key requirement because of no one like charging again and again. So, buy a laptop that has at least 6 to 8 hours long battery timing.

Better Wif-FI Connectivity

Better Wif-FI Connectivity

You’ll not like your internet connection to work slowly. Therefore buying a Laptop with good Wi-Fi connectivity is a must. Because if multiple users are using the same Wi-Fi, then the link can be get saturated. In other words, poor internet connection cards won’t be able to get enough bandwidth. Of course, each Laptop comes with a pre-installed Wi-Fi card that helps connect with the internet device, but an essential point to check is which card is configured in the system.

There are two types of cards 802.11AC and 802.11AX.  Most of the device consists first one, but it works inefficiently if devices are surrounded by multiple users. In comparison, 802.11AX provides a much faster bandwidth rate in crowded places.

Comfortable Keyboard

You will do a lot of stuff using the keyboard, like making assignments and notes, composing emails, and replying to students’ queries. Thus a comfortable, soft, and good keyboard is a must to have for typing. Plus, it would be an excellent addition if it is backlit. 

Integrated HD Camera

For online teaching, good support for audio and video are essential features to have in the machine. Else you will spend extra money on buying external devices. Generally, Laptops comes with a built-in webcam and audio speaker. But you have to confirm that the internal web camera is HD and support the 720-pixel resolution and high definition interior audio quality speaker. Furthermore, many systems have an auto noise-cancelling feature that will automatically remove the background racket.

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