5 Best Cloud Backup Services for Synology NAS – Expert Pick

The best cloud backup services for Synology NAS helps you to protect your data. Each recommended service provides dedicated support for NAS devices to keep files secure on cloud storage; and allows you to access data anywhere, anytime using an internet connection. Our mentioned cloud backup provides excellent solutions for small business and home users — Idrive, BlackBlaze, ElephantDrive, Acronis True Image, and HIDRIVE delivers high standard security to store files on a remote server. Plus, you can also encrypt your data with your private key. 

Why is Cloud Backup Best for Synology NAS Devices?

NAS Synology is a great network storage device for home and business users. That is used to store a large amount of data at centralized locations and allow multiple users to access a file from a single place. NAS stores massive data. Therefore you need unlimited storage space to keep backup of NAS devices, but purchasing local devices for massive backup data is very costly. So Cloud storage is a more affordable solution than local storage. and also cloud computing saved you from local backup’s maintenance and infrastructure cost.

Furthermore, most users prefer to keep backup on an attacked computer and network external hard drive, but it is not a long term solution. While some cloud services like Backblaze, Crashplan give unlimited storage at cheap prices. Besides that, they also provide other great features like file sharing, syncing, versioning and support for incremental backup; while most of them also give free space.

Five Best Cloud Backup Services for Synology NAS – You Need to Secure Data

1 Idrive

Idrive best cloud backup service for Synology NAS

Idrive provides the best backup solution for NAS devices. It gives a reasonable extent of free storage, user-friendly interface and setup, official apps for NAS Synology DiskStation, plus inexpensive premium plans. Idrive is the most popular full features service for NAS users out here that offer plenty of excellent features that allow taking full system image backup.

Its security and privacy policy make its private cloud storage; your hosted data remains secure and transfers on the cloud with end-to-end industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption protocols. And also, you can use your private key to encrypt files; however, if you lose the key, you can decrypt data. This also offers zero-knowledge encryption so that you can store your sensitive data without any concern.

Like other services, it is also compatible with NAS devices, but Idrive provides a particular desktop and browser app for Synology backup, making it a top choice. With Synology browser-based apps, you can take or restore incremental backup very quickly and schedule; there is also a mailed drive service to backup massive size data quickly.

Courier hard drive is an excellent feature that saves your time by uploading enormous data, and remarkably, this service is free. It allows using this service free with a personnel plan once a year and 3times free with business subscriptions.

Idrive Pricing

. Idrive offers different plans for NAS users. The basic plan gives 5GB of free space. Personnel subscription includes 5TB storage for 5.79$ per month, and the Business plan gives 10TB for 8.29$ monthly. More importantly, if you purchase annually, it provides a good discount.

 Although it does not support unlimited storage space, it still offers pretty good storage, fast uploading speed, solid security, excellent syncing feature, and an official app for NAS at low pricing. Customer support is very knowledgeable for NAS setup and ready to help you with Synology Cloud-related queries.


  • Free support to backup massive size data via courier drive.
  • Excellent speed.
  • Great syncing feature.
  • Zero-knowledge encryption.
  • Dedicated IDrive Backup Browser App


  • Limited storage capacity.

2 Backblaze

Backblaze is the best scalable, easy to use, hassle-free and cheap backup service for home and business users; equally suitable for Windows and Mac operating systems. However, it only supports NAS devices with a business subscription. That gives unlimited storage to store enormous data. By comparison with Idrive, Blacblazse offers cheap backup solutions for a single computer but is not affordable for multiple devices.

Because it charges per device, unlike Idrive that charges according to storage space. Like Idrive, BlackBlaze also supports the mailed drive feature to take backup of big files quickly. The good thing that makes it suitable for NAS users is its great default setting for Synology devices. When you set up Blackblase’s backup software, it will start taking automatic backup, so you don’t need to worry about taking a manual backup. Backblaze also allows you to exclude files that you don’t require for backup.

Furthermore, you’re not stuck with predefined settings; you can set manual backup and can remove unnecessary files and folders. Although it is an excellent service that gives unlimited storage at an affordable price, it lacks essential features. Like there is no end to end encryption.

So, we don’t recommend it if security and privacy policy is your primary concern. The background Backup process of BlackBlaze is not good like other software offers. For example, it only scans the drive once an hour for new changes to upload on a cloud. But in some cases, it is good since it utilizes fewer CPU resources.

Pricing of Backblaze

Backblaze gives countless storage for 7$ per month but annually, or for a 2years subscription it gives more discounts (5$ and 4$ per month respectively).


  • Affordable, fast and easy to use.
  • Unlimited storage.


  • Only support a single device.
  • No end to end encryption.

3 ElephantDrive


ElephantDrive is all in one best cloud backup for NAS storage that gives excellent features like solid security, easy setup, unlimited file versioning, sharing and incredible uploading speed. It comes with pre-configured support for top NAS devices; you can directly backup Synology devices without mapping. When you set it up, it automatically starts taking archives and also supports automatic syncing across the devices.  

ElephantDrive is not only a backup solution for NAS devices; it also works with a primary operating system like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. And you can upload, share and manage using mobile devices. Sharing feature is excellent, and it allows you to share URLs with anyone. Furthermore, it will enable the setup of passwords on shared files and folders. And the cloud syncing feature also works in real-time with shared files. In other words, when you make changes in the original file, it automatically reflects changes on shared files.

Let’s talk about security; ElephantDrive provides industry-standard solid protection; first, it encrypts data with the AES-256 method and then transfers to the cloud using a 128-bit SSL secure transmission channel. Like Idrive, ElephantDrive also gives the option to encrypt files using your private key that means no one can decrypt data without a key. However, 2factor authentication is not supported with account login that makes the login system more secure. The privacy policy is good; it does not read and collect hosted data. Nevertheless, it only gathers user’s account and device information to improve its service. 

Pricing of ElephantDrive

ElephantDrive offers different plans, including Home setup, Business data and Enterprise-grade backup. Home plans give 1TB cloud storage, 10 devices and 3sub account support and a maximum 2GB file uploading limit are 10$ per month. Business subscriptions offer the same storage space plus other extended features, including support for 25devices 20sub accounts, 15GB max file limit and phone call support for 20$ monthly.  

Enterprise also has 1,000GB storage, but you can back up more than 100 devices and 100 sub-accounts with it. The file uploading limit is more than the other two (200GB) and premium customer support in 30$ pricing. Furthermore, you’re not limited to 1000GB of space; it allows you to extend 1TB more space. However, you have to pay more according to the subscription you have chosen. All plans also include a 30days free trial with all features. Besides that, ElephantDrive also gives 2GB of free cloud storage.


  • Native support for NAS Synology devices.
  • Very flexible.
  • Great versioning and sharing features.
  • Fast uploading speed.
  • Solid security with its own encryption key.


  • Low storage capacity
  • Expensive compared to Idrive and Black blaze.
  • Limitation for file uploading.
  • Un-professional desktop app.

4 Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image

With Acronis True Image, it is more hassle-free to backup NAS storage. It comes with native support for Synology devices fully compatible with other storage devices to make a clone of the entire NAS’s content. The speed of Acronis is fantastic due to its extensive network of servers around the world; you can choose your nearest server location that will reduce the latency rate of data transfer that means faster data access. Furthermore, you can select European data centres that are considered the most secure data servers for privacy. 

Ransomware, malware and viruses attacks are a nightmare for every user. What if data is backed up, but it is infected?. Thus Acronis True Image provides excellent protection against Ransomware and malware attacks. It offers solid security with zero-knowledge data encryption and a built-in virus guard; most importantly, it is offering a European data centre. 

Acronis True Image Pricing

Acronis offer three annual paid plans, including Essentials, Advanced and Premium. Essentials subscription does not offer cloud storage but other great features like support to take entire or file-level backup, disk cloning, Ransomware and malware protection in 49.99 euro per year. 


  • Great backup features.
  • Solid security against malware and viruses.
  • Zero-knowledge encryption.


  • Expensive premium plans



HIDRIVE offers a great, reliable, efficient and fast backup solution for NAS devices that Synology recommends. It is the most widely used cloud service in Europe, and currently, more than 2000000 customers are using HIDRIVE for business and home data solutions. It allows sharing files more easily with password protection and also supports files syncing across all devices.

  You can upload files individually or in bulk; however, it does not allow you to upload the entire folder. More importantly, you can organize your whole picture in a shared photo gallery and send a link to anyone. You can import photos from desktop, 3rd party cloud services and even from social media sites. However, these features are only supported with a paid plan. Also, it allows an integration email account to store a backup of emails data. Like Idrive, HIDRIVE also supports a currier drive service to clone large volumes of files. 

Nevertheless, some negative flaws are associated with HIDRIVE. It does not support automatic backup, file versioning, and has no option to set up a private encryption key. Security is not what others offer; just basic level encryption during data transformation from local computer to cloud. So we don’t recommend if privacy and security is your top priority. 

Pricing of HIDRIVE

DRIVE offers three paid plans, including 100GB for £6.90 per month and 250GB for £9.90 monthly and 500GB for £19.90; but you have to pay in advance for 3months. DRIVE also gives 5GB free cloud storage plus 5GB extra by inviting friends.


  • 5GB free space
  • Fast and Reliable. 
  • Excellent sharing feature with
  • Integration with other services.


  • External storage compared to top competitors.
  • It is more expensive than Idrive and BlackBlaze.
  • Poor security.

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