7 Best Free Antivirus for HP Laptop – Best for Windows 10

If you are an HP product user looking for the Best Free Antivirus for HP laptops for Windows 7 and 10, this blog post is especially for you. I have been a regular user of antivirus software for the last seven years.  During this time, I tried and tested many free and paid malware protection tools. Therefore, I thought of sharing a list of the best virus protection software with you. Viruses and malware code not only slow down computer performance but also can destroy important data.

No matter what windows operating system you have installed, they work perfectly with all versions of Windows OS. Being a big computer user, I used Windows 10 and Windows7 simultaneously for different purposes. Therefore, I can figure out which is the best free antivirus for hp laptop and suitable for both operating systems.

Why is Windows OS a Major Target of Hackers?

Almost every single day, a new virus comes into the market. And the major target of hackers is the windows operating system. According to research, windows OS was a target of more than 83% of viruses attacks in 2020. There are multiple reasons why Windows is most targeted for hackers. Some of the reasons, for example, it is the most widely used OS, there are more volunteers in windows operating, for viruses it is easy to get activated. Whatever the reasons, there is no doubt it is a primary targeted OS for hackers.

Although Windows10 has window defender built-in virus protection software but is not enough to fight against new viruses; however; keep in mind not every free tool is perfect and has some limitations. But you can decide what is good for you with its limitations. For example, some provide strong password protections; some offer solid virus protection, some work against phishing and hacking.

While others keep protected from fake websites. To use all these individual features, one option is to use different software at the same time. But it will eat up laptop resources and slow down the system performance If you’re using the best and powerful laptop then no need to worry about performance. The alternative solution is to use paid features.  Most software also offers premium features that provide complete protection from threats with different features. In short, it is highly recommended to go with paid features.

Seven Best free antivirus for HP laptop Windows 10

1 Windows Defender by Microsof

Windows Defender is the first choice for Windows users that comes preinstalled with the windows10 operating system. Although, it is not like native antivirus software and does not provide advanced level security that Avast, Avira, Avg, and other big competitors’ tools provide.

Furthermore, Microsoft does not update it frequently. But still, it is pretty good against viruses and malware. For basic level security, it is the best free antivirus for hp laptops but not suitable for advanced levels. Microsoft also provides an essential security tool for window7 and older versions.


  • Totaly free
  • Preinstalled.
  • Good protection against malware.


  • Basic level protection.

2 Bitdefender

Bitdefender is feature-rich antivirus software. No one is offering better and more tools than Bitdefender. And that is not just a list of a bunch of tools, but every application works great. During my testing, its malware detection rate is much higher than any other in this list. Tons of features come with the free version. And let me explain them one by one.

Realtime Protection:

This feature continuously works in the background to stop entering threats in the system.

Advance level defense to stop ransomware attacks.

Web attack prevention:

It keeps away from untrusted and infected websites.

Phishing and Anti-Fraud:

Phishing is one of the most common hacking techniques that hackers use to steal user data. Bitdefender anti-phishing features scan the site and prevent the visitor if there is something wrong.


This technology helps the system to use minimal computer resources.

It also offers excellent features with a paid edition. You can check here. Overall, Bitdefender is the best antivirus for hp laptop windows 10 on our list. It has more advanced level security than top competitors.


  • More security applications than any other.
  • The solid and robust anti-malware defense system
  • Secure internet browsing.
  • Great value.


  • Poor VPN service.

3 Avast

Without mentioning Avast, our list of best free antivirus for HP laptops is incomplete. It is one of the biggest and oldest security software-making companies. Avast offers many award-winning antivirus and malware protection tools for windows 10 to save our computers from threats. Realtime threat protection features continuously monitor the entire system and block if any virus or malware code is detected.

Outdated software is a primary target of hackers.  They love to find out weak points in them. To keep computers secure and safe, it is essential to have installed software updated. Luckily, the Avast software update feature automatically scans and finds outdated software and recommends you to update.  Also, avast’s browser extension protects users from visiting fake and insecure sites. Furthermore, its interface is straightforward and user-friendly.


  • Free.
  • Realtime protection.
  • It keeps away from a fake website.
  • Auto software update feature.
  • Keep protected from spaying.
  • Junk files remover.


  • Eat more computer resources.
  • Very slow during scanning, especially boot time scanning.

4 Avira

Avira is another top name in the Antivirus software-making industry. Due to its number of features, Avira made its position in the trusted, free Antivirus list. Unlike other software, Avira has a cloud-based security system. That scans and analyzes fake and malware-infected sites and blocks them. Most anti-malware applications like Avast, Bitdefender, McAfee take too many computer resources that slow down system performance. But Avira is the winner, in that case. Being lightweight, it does not slow computer performance and makes it fast. But that is not the only reason for declaring it the best antivirus for hp laptops. Also, it is much more accurate in virus and malware detection in freemium subscriptions.

In my test, I found Avira detects malware and virus-infected websites with a good accuracy rate. Usually, for testing purposes, I visited a pirated and infected website to analyze its accuracy. And amazingly, he never disappointed me. Furthermore, it also offers a free VPN, but it only gives 500MB per month. But, you can read this guide to find the best free VPN apps. . In addition, password manager features analyze passwords and recommend solid and unique passwords. Furthermore, Avira also offers a couple of good features with premium plans such as five devices supported, firewall protection, ransomware attack prevention, clean up junk files, games optimizer, and premium customer support.


  • Lightweight
  • Cloud-based security.
  • Accurate malware detection.
  • Easy to use.
  • Performance optimizer.


  • Limited VPN.
  • Every mode required separate installation.
  • Few free features.


AVG is the award-winning free antivirus software of 2020. Avast purchased it in 2016. But still, it continues working with the same brand name. Its free features are similar to Avast. After installing AVG, continually start working in the background to protect the system from viruses, ransomware attacks, and malware-infected files. It mainly provides folder-level security to prevent locking and encrypt your data through ransomware attacks.

Furthermore, AVG automatically blocks malware-infected files. Also, it offers some good features with premium plans, including protection from web spaying, secure internet browning, and solid firewall protection from a hacker. Moreover, the interface is easy to use. Even beginners can use it easily.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Powerful scan system.
  • Ransomware protection in the free version.
  • Goods defense system against malware-infected files.
  • PC optimizer.


  • Slow.

6 Panda Antivirus

Panda’s 100% free real-time virus protection, gaming mode, and rescue kit features make it the best free antivirus for hp laptop users to run in Windows 10. I found it more accurate than windows defender in malware detection and other virus attacks, including spyware. Like other tools, its real-time virus blocking feature is more accurate. It instantly stops malware-infected files, whether copying from an external drive or downloading from the internet. Panda’s real-time function automatically takes action and prevents files from entering the system.

Alert notification by antivirus software is the most annoying thing I don’t like when playing games on full screen. But Panda offers a unique gaming mode feature that I liked most which don’t interrupt with notification; while you’re playing games or watching movies in full-screen mode, you automatically stop notifications. Furthermore, another feature that makes it unique from others is the rescue kit. Panda offers a USB bootable version that allows to clean the infected computer without installing tools in the system.


  • Good real-time protection.
  • Multimedia Mode.
  • Bootable in USB.


  • Lack of some essential features that some others don’t offer.
  • Annoying installation step, Panda changes default settings during installation like making Yahoo as a default search engine.

7 Kaspersky

Kaspersky comes with real-time malware protection and a bunch of other extra tools that offer solid protection against viruses, malware, and ransomware attack, secure network connection, and password protection. But most tools are limited in their function in free-tier. Some of the other free tools include VPN, password manager, and system cleaner. Free VPN has 200MB per day to make online visibility more secure, but it only offers one server in a free plan. Furthermore, 200MB is not enough for heavy online searches or streaming; only valid for basic browsing.

While password manager features let you keep your password secure in one place, they put some limitations in an accessible mode that only allows you to enter 15 entries. For virus and malware detection scans Kaspersky’s offers different options, including Quick scan, full scan, selective, removable devices, and vulnerabilities scan.

During my test, I found 99.99% infected samples files with a full scan. However, the Quick scan failed to catch all of the files that could only find 50 to 60% of all infected samples files. For analysis, Kaspersky uses an offline database and also cloud-based system. If it finds an infected file during the offline database test, it uploads it to the cloud server for further analysis. Furthermore, to test the accuracy in real-time protection. I downloaded three malware files from different websites, and Kaspersky instantly detected them and notified me about detected files.

To test vulnerabilities in outdated software, I installed an older version of VLC media and ran a vulnerability scan. And finally, the result was good. It was able to find out-dates software. Being a Kaspersky Russian company, the USA government banned its use in official government computers due to its link with the Russian government. But there is no clear evidence it has any connection with Russian authorized agencies. However, the standard user can still use it, and there is no ban on it.


  • 100% Accurate in virus directions.
  • Easy to use.


  • Limited features.


When should you use Antivirus software?

Although, the internet makes our life easy. But cyber crimes are increasing day by day. Since our data is most valuable for us, it is essential to ensure 100% data safety. And especially if you browse the internet daily, it becomes more critical. These programs protect the system and keep continuously checking the downloaded and copied files from external resources.

Additionally, to make online visibility more secure, the best VPN apps can play a significant role. However, if you don’t use the internet and also don’t connect external devices to your laptop. Then, there is no need to use any anti-virus software.

How to choose the best free antivirus software?

When there are so many antiviruses, picking the best free antivirus for hp laptop is tricky for the Windows operating system. It would help if you saw different factors that should be checked before choosing the right malware protection tools. Here are some essential features to look in software to find the best antivirus for HP laptops.

Malware protection

Since our main objective is to protect our system from real threats, it is essential. Software must keep our system secure from known and unknown viruses with more accuracy. Also, keep away from virus-infected websites and can work in real-time to detect malware files.


The major problem with antiviruses is that they take too much computer resources, slowing down computer performance. If your system works slowly, opening videos and copying files will take more time; working with an MS office will be more annoying. Then which antivirus software takes fewer resources? Listing the best lightweight for your Laptop is challenging since we don’t know what your system specifications are. One way is to check it manually by installing software one by one and testing your system performance if you notice significant performance issues.

Then, move on next until you find a system-compatible antivirus.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is a more valuable asset for target marketing and government agencies. Therefore, use software that provides solid security against viruses, and phishing, and ransomware attacks and care about your privacy; for that, read their privacy policy page whether they’re offering good privacy or not.

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