12 Best Apps for Data Science – for Learning and Practicing

Data science, machine learning, deep learning are very fancy terms for most people but believe me, these are highly demanded skills in 2021. People with no computer background are joining it. Even I saw many students who have medical experience are asking whether they should start a career in data science. That is not a joke; people are moving blindly toward the data science field due to its vast popularity in recent years. It is the hottest job in the USA. Every business and industry need a data scientist, analyst, and machine learning expert to make their business decision effective.

Companies always are interested in getting details of user buying behaviours to make better and suitable marketing plans. So, they can get more profit margin with minimum investment and resources.  But to become a professional in these fields is very challenging; you need a complete road map to have a solid grip to build a career as a data scientist.

There are many online courses and resources you can follow to learn these skills, but no one has enough time to search out these resources.  And most beginners become stuck on – from where they should start and which road map they should follow. Also, many online coaching institutions like Udacity, Coursera, and DataCamp offer high-quality professional courses, but they are costly. No one can afford such an expensive course.

Alternative to Learn Data Science

Luckily, there are several best apps for data science that can be very helpful in your learning process. These apps are designed and developed to sharpen skills and provide short but comprehensive knowledge in a short time on Python, DS, ML, etc.  Furthermore, these apps allow users to edit, run and test code on a mobile platform. Although, I am not saying only these apps are sufficient in your learning path. Though data science is a broad field, only a single source is not enough to make you a complete data scientist.

The idea behind using these apps is straightforward and clear; I want to say – don’t entirely depend on the computer. Secondly, you can enhance your knowledge and skills in your free time using these apps whether you’re travelling, having lunch, or sitting somewhere else. We have compiled a list of the best data Science applications that will assist in the DS journey.

  Instead of wasting precious time scrolling social media sites or playing time waste mobiles games, use these apps to learn professional skills. Though, most programmers prefer desktop software for development. Also, these apps don’t provide a full-fledged development environment, but there are some other advantages of using them. I hope you got my point.

 12 Best Apps for Data Science in 2021

1 Python Data Science and ML tutorial

It is the best app to learn python and data science. You can find python, machine learning, DS, and Neural network tutorials in the programming section menu. It covers all basic concepts of the python programming language. The best thing that I liked most also provides a mini project to check out your skill after completing the tutorial. Furthermore, the fundamental topic of machine learning is explained very well with the coding example in the learning section.

Also, essential ML algorithms have been described very well with pros and cons that can help determine which algorithm is best for suitable requirements. With this app, users can write and run python scripts on an online compiler with ease. To prepare for a job interview, you don’t need to search interview questions randomly on Google. App provides more than 140 questions and answers. To run code, you can use the online compiler link given in the apps’ menu; click on it.


  • It provides a good tutorial with a great explanation and coding examples.
  • Clean UI.
  • Small coding-based project to enhance programming skills.
  • Job interview questions and answers.
  • Ebook section to find the best learning book.


  • None.

2 Data Science with Python

Complete data science with python is a good app for beginners to learn the basic concept of DS. The app contains four essential topics of DS, including basic intro, data processing, visualization, and analysis. And each subject has a further sub-topic with great explanations and coding examples. You don’t need to create an account to use it—furthermore, the app works without an internet connection.  

Also, the app provides a filter item option to find out any topic quickly within the app. However, you cannot edit, run and test code in-app. It is only for beginners who want to learn the basics of Data Science.  Also, it is tough to read the text. They should insert some margin from the border to increase readability. But the overall app interface is simple and easy to use for beginners.


  • Good for beginners.
  • Simple interface.
  • It does not require an account and internet to use it.


  • Don’t allow editing, run and test code.
  • Very bad text readability.

3 DataCamp

If you have started your journey in Data science but yet don’t know about Datacamp, there is something wrong with you. DataCamp is the best learning platform for a data scientist. The app contains a short but concise tutorial on Python, R language, and SQL with good coding examples. Every lesson starts with a video tutorial; at the end hand on coding exercise makes your concept clear.

 App has a very user-friendly interface that makes it an excellent experience to engage with the app. If you have just started learning, it is the best apps for data science that you should consider this app. It allows users to write and run python and R code.  


  • Great platform to learn python, SQL, and R.
  • Simple and clean UI.
  • Online compiler to edit and run within the app.


  • Slow.

4 Coursera

Coursera is one of the best platforms for data science, founded by a top data scientist. This platform provides top universities and institutions courses. If you prefer to learn from videos, this app will be a good option. Furthermore, after completing the course, you will have awarded a certification. However, for certification, you need to pay the course fee. 


  • Top university video courses.
  • Certification after completing the course.


  • Costly paid courses.

5 Data Science

Data science is another best data science android app to learn DS. It is developed to teach essential topics of DS, including data analysis, visualization, machine learning, and its applications. Each topic is explained very simply with animated graphics; after listing it, you can practice the given code to get a hands-on experience.   


  • Good for beginners.
  • Clean UI.


  • Expensive pro plan.
  • Can’t edit and run code.

6 Enki

Enki provides more than 20 different programming languages tutorials, including python, SQL, data analysis, web development, etc. Also, It is the best apps to learn data science in 2021; it shows the daily progress of selected courses. While reading, the app allows users to bookmark their favourite part of the tutorial.  


  • Offer more than 20 courses in one place.
  • Daily progress of selected courses.
  • Clean design.
  • Bookmark option.


  • Can’t edit and run code.

7 Data science 101

DS 101 app specially developed to teach machine learning algorithms. Fundamental algorithms of ML are explained very well with code. Also, it includes some basic-level projects for practice. Furthermore, it also covers python’s data science libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib tutorials.


  • Comprehensive ML tutorials.
  • Well, design UI.   


  • No interpreter.
  • Only ML tutorial.

8 R-Language

R is another most popular programming language for data science. Therefore, R is an excellent alternative to Python for DS. The R-Language app covers all vital topics, including Conditional statement, Function, Data structure, object-oriented, graphs, and some advanced data visualization topics.

Each topic has been explained very well with coding examples. The R-Language app will be beneficial in your learning journey.


  • Cover all R basic concepts.
  • Nice UI design.
  • Search option to find any topic quickly.


  • It does not support editing and running R code.

9 Neuronation

To become a solid programmer, you need solid logic and intellectual thinking. But most beginners suffer due to a lack of this skill. Luckily, the Neuronation app helps you in this way to improve your cognitive skill. It is specially developed to train the brain to makes it creative. For this, the app provides several exercises and challenges to train your brain. Also, it offers a premium subscription to unlock all mind training games, practices, and challenges. However, the paid plan is costly.


  • Good app to train the brain.
  • Excellent UI.


  • Quite expensive paid plan.

10 Excel (To learn Excel)

In your DS journey, Excel is also essential. You must have a good command of excel to analyze data in a spreadsheet. Microsoft also provides official applications for the mobile platform. It allows users to create a spreadsheet and apply different formulas to the app. Also, you can create tables, charts, and graphs to get an insight into data.  

11 Basic Statistics

Most machine learning algorithms are based on Statistics formulas. However, ML libraries have pre-included formulas for algorithms, but you must know statistics to understand how these work. Several available applications are helpful, but as a beginner, the Basic Statistics app is the best one for learning basic concepts, including distributions, probability, normal distribution, estimation, hypothesis testing, etc. All concepts are well explained with a real-world example.


  • Probably the best app for beginners to learn Statistics
  • It detailed the topic with a great explanation.


  • None.

12 Math Workout (To learn Math)

Math is the backbone of computer science; without it, it looks like an aeroplane without fuel. It helps to make a strong logic. Therefore, it is crucial to have a solid grip on math. Unfortunately, most students don’t like it but believe me; data science is not for you if you’re no lover of math. Don’t worry; you can improve your calculation of numbers skills with the math workout app. Though the app does not contain any advanced topics useful for DS, it helps sharpen your mind with calculation exercises.


  • Excellent app to improve numerical calculations.


  • It Does not contain any topic for DS.

Final Words on Best Apps for Data Science

Using mobile applications to learn data science is the best and straightforward approach. With these apps, you can learn basic stuff of python, R, SQL, and essential concepts of data science. Furthermore, it allows users to edit and run code on a mobile platform.


What is Data Science?

In science, we learn the subject’s characteristics; then, we find a correlation between the subject’s variables to build a mathematical model from it. There’re, we can manipulate it, to predict their behaviour or to prescribe the best solution. As in data science, the subject is data, so the type of attribute and data description is the primary step.

Therefore, data science is a science of data collection, extracting and transforming information from one place to another by using technology and navigate and filter and utilizing innovative solutions. Or in simple words, it is a combination of mathematics and computer science, or Data science is the area where data talks in a scientific way. Using it, we can find out the hidden pattern or fact behind a dataset used to solve real-world problems.

Why should you learn Python for Data Science?

Python is an interpreted high-level, general-purpose programming language. It is one of the top high-demand languages in 2021. Currently most widely used in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Further, you can also use it to develop web, desktop, and mobile applications. The best thing about python is that it is easy to learn; its code looks like an English sentence. Its code looks like an English sentence.  

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