11 Amazing Android Apps You Should Use

Mobiles are now used commonly all around the globe with no restrictions at all. The vast technology is moving too fast. Humans are now looking forward to indulging themselves in innovations and creativity. If we talk about mobiles, it always comes to your mind either Android or iOS. If you prefer to use android mobiles and their applications, this article is undoubtedly for you. 

Many mobile applications are not available in the play store, which is very easy to download for sure. These applications contain games, design apps, graphics apps, editing apps, best logo maker app free, etc. 

Android tablets. Phones and other gadgets are a technological marvel that keeps you connected with another side of the world. Android offers hundreds and thousands of applications in the Google play store. But sometimes, it becomes difficult for the user to choose which one is the best.

The primary goal should be to work on their preferable devices without lagging. Keeping an eye on all these problems, this blog provides you with hand-picked knowledge and a list of commonly used android apps. These apps will surely help you a lot; if you are new to this arsenal, or have already used them, add some more spices to it.

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Google Maps

google maps

Google Map is the most common application used worldwide. You probably used it in finding a location around your area. Google Maps has become one of the best user apps in the US, according to Statista. The app provides users with full sports features like incognito mode, traffic incident reporting, and other tracking options, making it different from Google’s other navigator’s apps like Waze. New options made this application more reliable for users to make it eco-friendly to experience an easy travel journey.

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uber (1)

Uber is the most fantastic application you can download on Android and iPhone. It is the most used application connecting 103 million riders to drivers in over 70 different countries worldwide. Uber has many competent users, but it has a unique market value.

What makes it outstanding among all? Its app provides you best user experience and a friendly interface that a non-experienced persona can efficiently operate. Uber provides the customers accessible google Maps facilities to mark their location where they want to go.

The second facility is the in cash option, allowing people to use it in real-time. The pricing policy is reasonable, so everyone should easily afford it and pay according to their riding location.

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Instagram is the best social media app that was first launched in 2010. According to data, it is considered one of the largest worldwide using platforms, having 1.2 billion users using it monthly. It is the most popular app, especially in Generation Z. You can share videos and images through posts or stories and connect with people worldwide. Instagram helps millions of people to run their online businesses successfully.

Google Chrome

It is the best web browser used by many people all around. Google Chrome offers such best features that you should expect from any best browser. The best thing is now it comes pre-installed on most android cell phones, so you don’t have to download it from the Google play store. Using this browser app, you can sync data options, manage passwords and cover photos, handle your data, support secure DNS, and much more.

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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the second most used browsing app worldwide and is considered a secure alternative to Google Chrome. It uses its browser engine known as Gecko. It contains all browsing options in its pack, making it unique from others. One of the best highlights is its add-ons support. When your browser doesn’t support all add-ons, you get limited but some decent add-ons from it.

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YouTube has been the biggest video sharing and watching platform up till now. It provides you with many options to deal with. You can watch educational videos, entertainment, watch music videos and find your own best Youtubers all around the globe. YouTube also provides you with the option to upload your video if you want to use YouTube creators tools. YouTube supports videos in high-quality modes like HDR and picture in picture.


Spotify is one of the best music streaming apps you found up till now. It has the best user experience. The app provides you with the best music algorithm based on your recommendations, whether in your selected genre or entirely new. Spotify has many things to explore as your music playlists are re-updated frequently. It contains podcasts, audio, and much more to explore! The best thing about Spotify is that it is entirely free of cost, but if you are willing to take advantage of the best experience, you should pay a little on a monthly subscription.


Whatsapp is now considered the most basic and needed app nowadays as well as it is also highly used globally. It provides the user’s best experience in communication from person to person. Your messages can quickly reach your loved one and video calls, voice messages, and voice calls. You can call up to eight people at the same time. WhatsApp’s calls and messages are end-to-end encrypted, making this platform more sacred from others?

Google Meet

Google meet provides the best friendly user interface. It allows people to connect in a single (at least 100 people) in a one-time meeting. It gives users multiple options, hosts management options, polling, messaging and many others. During the pandemic, people used it more as it provided an easy to use friendly environment (compared to zoom).

Google Docs/Sheets/slides

Google provides us with many facilities in which Google Docs is one of them. It is the ultimate solution of Microsoft Word. You can easily create a document, edit it as per your requirements and get stuff done on it. Google Sheets allow you to create spreadsheets, feed data, read and modify it. You can handle all these apps easily from your smartphone. Google Slides help you create a professional presentation, make it stunning using different templates, and revise them from any device.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon kindle gives you the best opportunity to just like e-readers to read books for free or in the paid version. This kindle app gives you an extensive large bulk of different magazines, books, newspapers, comics and allows you to read whatever you want at the instant moment. If you don’t want to read it, there is also a hearing option. All books are available at Amazon Kindle in every genre and taste. 

Final Thoughts

Above are some of the best android apps used nowadays. We base the above quick picked apps on the best user experience, superb functionality, and popularity. These are daily used applications frequently used in our professional and personal lives, making our work easier. Hopefully, this guide will help you choose the best app for you.

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