What Is Click Speed Test Game?

The click speed test is a digital platform game based on artificial intelligence that anyone can use to evaluate their tapping/Clicking speed. Finishing the test will enable the clients in accomplishing the most button presses in the smallest period of time.

Gaming enthusiasts can even use the Click Per Second test tools to increase their pressing endurance and gameplay capabilities. We offer a range of services for users, ranging from simple to complex, and then they can select any of them depending on their interests. Get immediate and 100 percent realistic statistics, with the intention of boosting consumer effectiveness by blasting the highest proportion of clicks of the mouse in the given timeframe. Here, you can play this NinjaClicker clicking game.

Where Did The Click Speed Test Originally Come?

The inspiration of a click speed test originates from the Minecraft Kohi server. It was crafted with Hardcore gameplay modes in consideration. Numerous individuals were motivated by the Kohi system and developed virtual websites and applications to aid in the process in evaluating their clicking efficiency. These websites probably avoid any need to acquire any modifications in Minecraft and enable players to evaluate and examine their clicking per second rate in just about any web page that implements it.

How Does A Click Speed Test Measure Clicking Speed?

Follow the five simple instructions described below to evaluate your click speed with the Click Per Speed calculator.

  • Using your computer, go over to ninjaclicker.com
  • To commence the clicking performance test, abbreviated as the appropriate click CPS test, press the ‘Click Here’ icon.
  • As soon as you push the “ start ” button, the countdown and clicking counter will display.
  • Keep on going and clicking as aggressively as you can until the test is carried out.
  • When you have already conducted the click trial, you will get all the results in the form of CPS (Clicks Per Second).

If you feel you may very well have done a lot better in the Click analyzer, you can choose the ‘Restart Game’ option to make another attempt at this button interactive assessment and enhance your result.
Restart seems to have no hard deadline, so that you can rehearse even more than you want to have the highest performance.

CPS Score Methodology in the Click Speed Test

The Click Per Speed calculator estimates your ultimate clicking power in Clicks per second by dividing the quantity of mouse touches by the amount of seconds utilized.

CPS is defined as the ratio of the number of clicks divided by the number of seconds.
The Click Per Second value is a measurement of just how rapidly you can press your mouse cursor. The CPS is absolutely crucial in video games like Minecraft and many others. Activities such as battling, constructing, and erecting barricades will improve from a speedier clicking pace.

By using the formula above, our right-click test estimates the CPS immediately. We have also had an electronic clicking meter that keeps a record of just how many clicks you perform in a specific amount of time. The Click per second is immediately provided after the information has been gathered.

It has also been discovered that monitoring clicks per second for 5 to 10 seconds delivers much more detailed findings.

What Exactly Is A Cps Counter?

The CPS meter measures your clicking pace in the CPS testing application on the server. The site’s backside monitor counts down every touch as soon as you start the clicking tester. When the timer beeps off, you will be able to access your CPS (click per sec) speed.

The CPS monitor provides you the number of clicks you completed divided by the overall time it has taken you to perform those hits in terms of logic.

Social Sharing and Smartphone Compatible

Surprisingly, the game will indeed be compatible with any mobile device. As a consequence, users may even see how quickly they can click in a specified length of time. The smartphone layout is equivalent to the web version, making it simple for consumers to place their capabilities to the trial. This game would have the same graphical interface as the online web version, regardless of the fact that there are so many third-party applications.

On the point of clarification, if you decide to install third-party programs, be cautious about double-checking their trustworthiness. Certain click performance test applications are infected with malware or spyware, which may also damage your system.

Develop Click Speed Test Game in HTML5 with JavaScript – Video Tutorial

World Record For Click Speed Test:

Although the click speed test is a one-of-a-kind activity that can also be encountered on various social media platforms and apps, some players compete to become the best and fastest mouse clicker. It may surprise you to learn that there is still a world record holder for the speediest cursor clicker.

According to Recordsetter, a website that allows gamers to create worldwide statistics for almost anything, Dylan Allred of Las Vegas set a world record for the most mouse clicks in just ten seconds. According to the information, Allerd touched the cursor 1,051 times in ten seconds. In 2010, Tom Andre Seppola from Norway set a new world record for the maximum number of hits in thirty seconds. In 30 seconds, Seppola performed 830 strokes.

With the exception of competitiveness, most individuals play these games to unwind whenever they are worried. Aside from the cursor click speed test, individuals battle to see just how rapidly they can press the mouse cursor in a predetermined period of time. The gameplay is similar to button click pace, with the distinction that the player would have to use the keyboard shortcut rather than using the cursor. There are also several timing options in the game, spanning from 5 seconds to one minute.


In sum, the CPS Test is a complimentary click-per-second test that evaluates your mouse clicking rate over a specified period of time. It is simple and entertaining to practice the CPS test game. The game is suitable for people of different ages, so don’t stress if you are a high schooler or an expert. Many individuals might not have been conscious that such a strange behavior may be evaluated. It may astonish you to discover that not only is it conceivable to determine the number of clicks up in a particular time, but far too many individuals enjoy the game and participate around the entire globe.

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