What Apps Should You Get Before Traveling Abroad?

You might not consider a travel app until you need to go to a foreign country. Going overseas may be an exciting and fascinating experience, but it also has its drawbacks. It’s a good idea to have the correct apps on your phone to help your journey run as smoothly as possible.

Downloading the correct travel apps may make all the difference, from monitoring your flight to locating the greatest eateries in a new location. So, what travel applications do you require?

In this post, we’ll go through five must-have travel applications for Android and iPhone. What travel safety applications should you get? How can you properly communicate with the people who live where you’re going? Can you recognize all of the wildlife and plants on the gorgeous hiking trail you intend to take?

Let us discuss all of this and more.

8 great apps for traveling abroad:

Travel List:

The Travel List app is ideal for international travel. It allows you to create a personalized packing list and set notifications to ensure you never forget anything crucial.

Users may also sync their lists across all of their devices and share them with others who may be traveling with them. Users can also make a plan to keep track of their trip’s itinerary, which is especially important for cross-time zone travelers.

All of these elements combine to make Travel List a must-have tool for travelers. Of course, a well-organized to-do list may work just as well.


TripIt is another another excellent software for international travelers. It makes trip organization and planning simple and efficient. People may use TripIt to conveniently access all of their reservations, such as flights, hotels, and rental vehicles, in one convenient interface.

Users may also connect their trip plans to their calendar and share them with anybody they choose. Furthermore, the program has built-in maps and instructions, allowing users to easily navigate their way around their location. Travelers will be able to make the most of their stay abroad by using TripIt.


Many may be shocked that we included a flower identification app on our list of travel apps. Yet, it may be really useful, particularly for individuals who enjoy picturesque hiking routes and pausing to identify every fascinating plant or flower they come across. Download iOS App so you can comfortable use it.

The LiLy app can identify plants you come across, offer thorough descriptions of them, and even warn you about any dangerous plants you should avoid. It may also assist detect plant problems and propose remedies, allowing you to ensure that the plants you’ve left behind at home are properly cared for while you’re gone.

There are several comparable applications available for plant enthusiasts. We’ve included this one in our list since we’ve tried it ourselves. Even Google Lens is amazing at recognizing plants, but it lacks LiLy’s handy function that helps you to find out why your house plants are suffering and what to do about it.


This is a fantastic tool for international travelers. It makes it simple to locate and access airport lounges no matter where you are in the globe. You can simply select the ideal lounge for your requirements by filtering by amenities. Furthermore, its Trip function allows customers to keep track of all their trip arrangements.


Skyscanner is an amazing resource for discovering flights, hotels, auto rentals, and other services. Its user-friendly UI makes it one of the best apps for booking travel reservations.
It has a number of features that make trip planning easy for you. You can also use this app to check rates across several airlines to get the greatest bargains on flights and lodgings.


Are you prepared to travel abroad? If so, Duolingo is the ideal practice app for you. This popular language study software may assist users in preparing for their trip by teaching them key words and phrases in the language spoken at their destination. Duolingo makes learning a foreign language simple with its entertaining and engaging activities.

Oanda Currency Converter:

Oanda Currency Converter is a handy little software that helps travelers keep on top of their budgets and travel more efficiently. Users may use this app to monitor currency exchange rates as well as view historical data. Before engaging in any foreign financial transactions, you can precisely estimate currency conversions wherever you go.

Finally, preparation ahead of time for a vacation overseas by downloading the essential programs may make it a much more delightful experience than going in blind. The applications listed above will help you make the most of your stay abroad, from travel preparation to currency conversion conveniences. Additionally, remember to enjoy yourself and explore while on your trip.

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