What Applications Should You Put On Your Newly Purchased Phone?

Did you just get a new phone? Opening the seal of the new phone, unboxing it, and turning it on seems so exhilarating, but what do you do once you have acquired your new device? Get the latest apps, of course! At this step, mark down the apps you need on your phone to ensure you don’t waste your precious storage.


We are here to help you on this journey to ensure that you get the important apps your phone needs and start downloading them as soon as possible! Keep on reading as we look closely at the applications you should put on your newly purchased phone.

What should I install on my new Phone?

The critical thing to remember in this situation is to categorizing the items you want to install on your phone. Please look at the list we curated to help you (with examples, of course!):

  1. Security: Keep your phone and data safe by installing security apps. You can look at VPNs, download VeePN, and protect your data and device!
    Social and Entertainment: Keep in touch with the ones you love and download popular social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc., and socialize away!
  2. Google: Important Google apps include Gmail, Youtube, Google Chrome, Google Keep, Google teams, and more!
  3. Music: What is life without music? Get apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and more to get your groove going!
  4. Misc Apps: This category lets you choose what is essential for you. If you work from home, apps such as Skype, Zoom, and more can help. LinkedIn is an excellent app to keep by for work. Health and Fitness apps play a good part in our lives, so keep them on your phone!

What should I install on my new Phone?

Let’s take a closer look at the categories we made:


A reliable VPN can help you feel safe while browsing the web. A VPN will allow you to access websites and streaming services you can’t get in your country. Look at this page – it details how VeePN can help you encrypt your IP address so you can get the luxury of anonymity and security in one!
Other apps claim to be safe, but your device’s best bet is to get a VPN and one-for-all protection on your new device!

Social and Entertainment

Humans are social creatures, so it is natural to want to socialize with your family and friends or just let your thoughts run wild on the web by using a social media app such as these:

1. Facebook:

Facebook enables you to get in touch with your friends, Family, and old mates you couldn’t reach otherwise. Facebook also allows you to get signed in to various apps, making it easy to get your data and connect with other apps easily!

2. Whatsapp:

Texting is the new thing; who calls these days? Whatsapp lets you talk to anyone you want without any charge.


Connect with friends while being entertained/ staying informed on one platform. Instagram has an algorithm that helps you keep in touch with the world as you talk to your friends (or meet new people)!


Politics, pop culture, celebrity gossip, world peace, news, and much more is available on Twitter. The app will understand your likes and dislikes and curate your timeline according to what you love.


TikTok is the new generation’s social media and entertainment app, so its no surprise that it is one of the top apps people want to use.


Google needed its category because of the apps that it provides! Gmail helps you with your basic email needs, so you got to have that app on your phone. Youtube is the number one platform for video watching, uploading, and sharing. Google Chrome is the top browser for your phone; Google Keep helps you keep your notes in a safe place (and attached to your email, so you don’t lose them when switching devices), and Google teams help you when you work from home!


Music is what gets our day going! If you have no idea where to start for a music app, we recommend you check out popular music apps such as Spotify or Apple Music. Both of these apps have their standing in the game. Although Apple Music has a more extended history than Spotify, both apps boast enormous music and podcast libraries, many playlists, and substantial user bases.

  1. Spotify provides Family plans for up to six users at $15.99 and Duo options for couples at $12.99 per month. The same songs, podcasts, and audiobooks are all available on Spotify’s free service, but there is no music download option or traditional advertising.
  2. Apple Music’s Individual subscription is $10.99 per month or $5.99 per month for students. The platform also offers an all-inclusive membership to several Apple services starting at $ 16.95 per month with Apple One and a Family plan for up to six people for $16.99 per month. There is no free Apple Music version.

Misc Apps

Many apps come in handy when you have a new phone. Banking apps, fitness, and health apps, online meeting apps such as Skype and Zoom, games, and more! You can look at various options available on the web!


The heart and soul of a smartphone are its apps, which reveal a lot about the owner. There are countless possibilities regarding social networking, productivity, health, fitness, entertainment, and games. We hope this article helps you find the apps you need on your phone so you can choose what you want on your phone!

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