Cloud Storage vs Local Storage: 8 Pros and Cons of Both

Cloud Storage vs Local Storage

  Cloud storage vs local storage, which one is good for your requirements?. To know the answer to this question, first, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both. This blog post will help you make a good decision about which one is the right storage solution. Our comparison will be based on … Read more

9 Best Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business in 2021

Best Cloud Backup for Small Business

Are you a business owner and looking for the best cloud backup solutions for small businesses?. This article will help in finding the best cloud backup services to save data at a secure hand. Data Security is most important for any organization since business files are the most valuable asset. Therefore our mentioned services are … Read more

How to Speed up My Laptop Windows 10 – 12 Proven Ways

How to Speed up My Laptop Windows 10

Might be you’re struggling with your laptop performance issues. And probably you’re thinking it is a device or hardware issue. This can be true in some cases, depending on the current hardware you’re using. But the issue can be with the current installed Windows operating system in your laptop. Windows 10 is the latest desktop … Read more

How to Make a Bootable USB on Windows 10 – 3 Easy Ways

How to Make a Bootable USB on Windows 10

A bootable USB drive requires when you want to install a new version of windows. Installing a window from a DVD is a very old-fashioned method; now, you can use a flash drive to install Windows 10 from USB. But first, you need to make it bootable. A bootable USB collects files to startup or boots … Read more

8 Best Free Video Player for Windows 10 Must try in 2021

Best Free Video Player for Windows 10

Many people love to watch their favorite movies, shows, songs, dramas, and their favorite videos on their laptops or PC. Video players are software that is specially developed to play different types of media files. These programs support all kinds of video formats, including MP4, AVI, MOV, WEBM, FLV, and many other popular media formats. … Read more